PULSTONETM, is a wearable device that measures muscle movement from microvoltage on the body surface.
We provide SDK (development kit) for development with Android Studio and Unity. Muscle potential data from PULSTONETM is linked with smartphone.

Visualize Power

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Visualize PowerPlay Video! No matter how good your fitness you do, you will not get much benefit in a short period of time. Fitness that is hard to see is difficult to continue, but continuous fitness life with visualization fitness.


  • Visualization of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise
  • Muscle strength measurement
  • gamification lesson
  • Fusion of virtual reality and fitness


Advanced myoelectric potential sensor. It is the most powerful among smartphone experiences so far.

Is it used as a game device? Is it used for fitness applications? Do you further accelerate the VR experience?

Infinite possibility that compatible applications evolve.

Overwhelming reaction rate

Adopt the same gel pad as medical sensor to accurately acquire myoelectric potential data.
This is best way for the reaction rate and precision.

Visualize Movement

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he possibility of the virtual reality world spreads further if you break away from the operation with the game controller.

PULSTONETM will raise the VR / AR to a higher dimension as an input device.

PULSTONE Beta Started!

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